Registration / Inventory Requirements

The use of all x-ray producing equipment on the Iowa State University campus falls under the jurisdiction of the RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) and the RSC (Radiation Safety Committee). All x-ray producing equipment must be registered with the RSO and the Iowa Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation. The use of analytical x-ray equipment is regulated by Iowa Administrative Code.

All machines capable of producing ionizing radiation must be registered with EH&S. The following types must be registered:

  • Academic x-ray (x-ray diffraction/fluorescence units)
  • Dental x-ray units
  • Diagnostic x-ray (radiographic, fluoroscopic and other diagnostic or therapeutic units)
  • Particle accelerators
  • Neutron generators
  • Veterinary x-ray
  • Any other equipment that may produce ionizing radiation

Registrants using x-ray machines shall provide the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) with documentation of the type, make, model, location, and maximum radiation output of the device before installation.

Before installation of an x-ray device, a radiation-shielding plan and specifications must be completed and filed with the Iowa Department of Public Health.  This will be completed by EH&S.

An initial radiation safety survey of the equipment and all adjacent rooms shall be conducted and a copy maintained. Similar radiation surveys shall be repeated after major maintenance, modification, or relocation.

The Radiation Safety Office must be notified prior to any device installation, maintenance, modification or relocation, discontinuation or transfer of a radiation-producing device. Reports of transfer (surplus, sale, gift, etc.) must include the name and address of the transferee.

For additional information about registration and inventory of radiation producing devices/ x-ray systems, please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359.


Iowa Department of Public Health Radiation Machines