A sign is posted on a chain-link fence that says, "Danger: Asbestos. Cancer and lung disease hazard. Keep out. Authorized personnel only. Respirators and protective clothing are required in this area."

Learn about asbestos hazards

Asbestos hazard information and the Iowa State University policies and procedures that apply to the use, maintenance and removal of asbestos-containing materials are covered in the Asbestos Manual and are discussed in EH&S’s asbestos training classes. These resources were developed to ensure that asbestos is properly maintained and handled and to provide policies and guidelines that promote the safe management of asbestos at Iowa State University.

Open the Asbestos Manual (PDF)

Only Trained Workers are Authorized to Manage Asbestos

If you are not a trained abatement worker, report evidence of deterioration, water damage, or delamination to EH&S or FP&M.