All laboratories and areas where biological materials are used or stored must have a biological materials inventory on file with Environmental Health and Safety. Biological inventories must include all biological materials used or stored and must be updated at least annually. Documented training on storage and security must be maintained as part of storage and inventory requirements. Security procedures must address the controlled access to biological inventories (authorized and designated employees only).

Additionally, each workspace must maintain an inventory of hazardous chemicals in storage and update it annually.

All personnel who work with chemical, biological, physical hazards, or animal work must complete a Hazard Inventory. Refer to the Occupational Medicine Guidelines (PDF) for details on employee participation.

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Personnel should use the online Hazard Inventory Form to report their work-related chemical, biological, or physical hazards or animal work. The online system simplifies form completion, streamlines the hazard assessment process, and improves record retention. If you have questions on program participation or form completion, please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5539.

You can visit the Hazard Inventory Information page to learn who should complete a hazard inventory and how to complete a hazard inventory.

EH&S hosts a campus-wide Chemical Inventory Database to meet the requirements of the Iowa State University Hazard Communication Plan and Laboratory Safety Program. Faculty and staff are responsible for keeping their chemical inventory records current. Each workspace must maintain an inventory of hazardous chemicals in storage and update it annually.

Follow our Chemical Inventory Guide (PDF) if you need help using the online tool.

If you would like to add persons to assist with inventory entries, please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 or        

To meet the requirements of Iowa State University policy, all researchers who use or store biological materials at Iowa State University must submit a current inventory of biological materials to EH&S annually using the Biological Materials Inventory Database. Faculty and staff are responsible for keeping their biological inventory records current.

  • If you have reviewed your biological materials inventory and there are no changes, choose "Select All" and then click the "Update Selected" button.
  • If you have questions, contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 or

Chemicals available at no cost

EH&S operates a chemical redistribution or "recycling" program as part of a campus-wide waste minimization effort. EH&S stores surplus chemicals received in like-new condition from Iowa State facilities and offers them free of charge to the university community.