Hot work on campus

The Iowa State University Hot Work Permit Program was developed following OSHA regulations and NFPA standards to prevent hot work fires. All hot work must be conducted in Designated Hot Work Areas or under the Hot Work Permit Program. 

Designating a hot work area

A Designated Hot Work Area is a permanent location designed for hot work. For a space to be classified as a Designated Hot Work Area, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. It must be made of fire-resistant construction and free of combustible and flammable contents.
  2. It must be suitably segregated from adjacent areas.
  3. It must be equipped with an appropriate fire extinguisher.
  4. It must be inspected and approved by EH&S. 

Obtaining a hot work permit

A Hot Work Permit must be obtained before hot work can be performed outside designated hot work areas. Hot Work Permits can be obtained from Permit Authorizing Individuals who have been designated as such by department supervisors.  All Iowa State University employees who perform or supervise hot work must complete Hot Work Permit Training (Workday Learning). 

Outside contractors working on the Iowa State University campus must have hot work safety procedures as a part of their project safety programs. Contractors working on capital projects at Iowa State University must follow the hot work guidelines outlined in project specifications.

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