EH&S is committed to its mission of preventing illness and injury, protecting the environment, and connecting the university to the message of safety, health, and preparedness.

EH&S Strategic Plan, FY23-28

Valued Partnerships

EH&S will engage our campus and community partners to create, support, and sustain programs essential to institutional success.


  • Engage partners to understand their specific needs and challenges.
  • Collaborate with service units to minimize waste and deliver cost-effective solutions.
  • Strengthen relationships through effective communication and mutual trust.

Ready Campus

EH&S will lead the campus community in adapting to existing and emerging hazards to ensure readiness for everyday and exceptional events.


  • Promote the development of personal preparedness skills and mindset throughout the campus community.
  • Deliver preparedness activities in support of university and departmental hazard assessments.
  • Actively communicate emergency preparedness within the campus community.

Healthy Environment

EH&S will actively pursue opportunities to protect health and the environment.


  • Continually improve programs to minimize institutional impact on the environment. 
  • Advance well-being by aligning protection of health, safety, and the environment, with injury and illness prevention strategies.
  • Coact with campus stakeholders to design, operate, and maintain facilities that cultivate safe and supportive learning environments.

Innovative Safety

EH&S will develop and execute innovative safety campaigns to support campus operations.


  • Develop strategies that address contemporary safety challenges created by changes in work, workplace, and workforce.
  • Develop programs that prioritize prevention, hazard control, and reduced exposure to harmful stressors for the campus community.
  • Develop and maintain technical expertise consistent with the needs of researchers who face new material risks and hazards.