Iowa State University strives to promote a safe environment in which to complete research, teaching and learning. Everyone plays a role in creating that environment.

Iowa State University

Iowa State University is responsible for ensuring the safety of its employees and for complying with applicable local, state and federal regulations. University administration places a high value on safety and encourages employees at all levels to promote positive attitudes regarding safety, to incorporate safety into their work practices, and to cooperate fully in the implementation of safety-related programs.


Each university department is responsible for evaluating areas under its administrative control and adapting university environmental, safety, and health programs in order to meet regulatory requirements, keep work areas hazard-free, and ensure that employees complete all safety training requirements.

Departments are encouraged to establish safety committees.

Principal Investigators, farm, laboratory, and shop supervisors and instructors

Principal Investigators, laboratory supervisors and instructors are responsible for ensuring that university environment, safety, and health policies and guidelines are strictly followed by all employees, collaborating researchers, other visitors, and students under their administrative control. Principal Investigators, farm, laboratory, and shop supervisors and instructors are responsible for:

University Policy Library

The university policy library contains a section entitled Safety and Health where university safety policies and procedures are maintained.