Heating Devices

Common heating devices include hotplates, oil baths, furnaces, and drying ovens.

Keep flammable and combustible material away from the heating devices.

Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all heating operations. 

Heating equipment should only be left unattended while in operation if precautions have been taken to prevent fire or explosion. Use a well-secured automatic temperature controller for unattended operations.

Hotplates have been known to malfunction and overheat, even in the “off” position. Therefore, test the power switch by making sure the heating device cools quickly after turning it off. Unplug hotplates once they're cooled. 

Complete Fire Safety and Extinguisher training annually.

Oil Baths

Heating oil baths should be labeled with the safe working temperature range.

Mineral oil can break down over time, lowering the flashpoint. Change mineral oil regularly or as it becomes discolored.

Any oil that has been overheated must be discarded and replaced.

Consider alternatives to mineral oil such as silicone oil, sand baths, reaction blocks, or metal beads.