SOP Development

The following steps may be utilized during SOP development.

  • Conduct a hazard assessment. See video below.
  • Develop site-specific SOPs. SOPs may be created based on any of the following categories:
    • Individual Hazardous Chemical: (arsenic, benzene, hydrofluoric acid, etc.)
    • Chemical Hazard Class: (corrosive, flammable, oxidizer, etc.)
    • Process: (chromatography, distillation, synthesis, analysis, decontamination, etc.)
    • Special Procedures: (carcinogens, reproductive toxins, teratogens, highly toxic substances, explosives, controlled substances, select biological agents, radioactive materials, radiation producing devices, and lasers)
  • Train personnel on SOP and document the training.
The EH&S SOP Template (pdf) contains sections for the necessary health and safety information.
The template is also available as a Word document.
The SOP Template Guidance Document (pdf) provides additional guidance and  helpful examples.
More information on SOP requirements can be found in the  Laboratory Safety Manual