• Before you submit a request

    You must have completed the Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts or the appropriate Waste and Recycling Guidelines training to submit a Waste Removal Request. To take the Waste and Recycling Guidelines training, choose from "Ancillary Personnel" or "Maintenance and Custodial Personnel" in Workday Learning or Canvas (students). If you need assistance, please contact ehstrain@iastate.edu. When you have completed one of the online courses, you can start a Waste Removal Request.

How to complete the waste removal request form

  1. Once you've opened the Waste Removal Request Form, select "New Pickup Request" button to begin. Select the building and room from the drop-down menus.
  2. Enter the number of containers, size, and mass or volume units for the container. The cells will auto-populate as you start typing or click in the blank description field. You may select a material description from the drop-down options or type in your description. If there are multiple chemicals in the container, enter the chemicals manually and separate each name with a comma.
  3. Select the “Add Material” box and enter the materials you need to be picked up. There are separate tabs for chemical, biological, radioactive, and sharps waste.
    1. For empty containers, select the check box to the right of the entry slots. The chemical name will automatically fill in with the word “empty.”
    2. Please select the "supplies" tab to request supplies such as various disposal tags or glass buckets. If the supplies tab does not have what you need, it may be ordered through chemistry stores, or you can contact EH&S.
  4. If the waste material is not located in the Satellite Accumulation Area identified by the orange sign (for example, in the hood or a freezer), leave a message in the Notes section to help us find it.
  5. Please provide contact information in the Notes section if the lab is locked and we need to communicate with you for access.
  6. When finished, select “Submit Request” to send the request to EH&S.

After you submit a request

Upon submitting a waste request, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not get this email, please navigate back to your request to ensure it was submitted. There is no need to print your request submittal or fill out any additional paperwork to leave with the waste materials; EH&S personnel will have the paperwork necessary for the pick-up.

Once the form is submitted, EH&S personnel will schedule the pick-up. The system will send the generator a confirmation email when EH&S receives the form. The completed form can also be saved and modified for future requests.

The waste materials must be in the proper SAA, closed containers, and labeled to correspond with the waste removal form.

We can usually pick up the materials within 1-3 business days, so please have the materials ready for collection. Something would have gone wrong if we had not picked up your material within a week from the submission date. If that is the case, please contact us at ehsinfo@iastate.edu or (515) 294-5359 to check on the status of your request.