EH&S will not be conducting hazardous waste collections August 21-24  EH&S will resume pick-ups on Monday, August 21.

See the Waste and Recycling Guidelines for examples of what EH&S will collect.

In order to request a waste removal, the generator must have completed Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts or  the appropriate Waste and Recycling Guidelines. To participate, choose from "Ancillary Personnel" or" Maintenance and Custodial Personnel" at Learn@ISU. When you have completed one of the online courses, proceed below.


EH&S waste collection schedule.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Vet Med
Research Park
Outlying facilities

Central Campus

NO collections except for emergencies

Central Campus

Central Campus

In order to request a waste removal, the generator must completean online Waste Removal Form (WRF) form (see instructions below). Once the form is submitted, EH&S personnel will know exactly what to look for in the labs. The completed WRF can also be saved for future requests. Waste generators must still fill out the orange waste tags.

If a generator has 70 or more containers, please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 for special handling.

Please Note: All fields are required for processing of the form. Please do not leave any fields blank.

  • Fill in the requestor’s ISUID number. If you do not have an ISUID, please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359.

  • Fill in the building and room from the various drop-down menus. As you start typing, or click in the blank field, the cells will auto-populate with the choices available.

  • Select "New Pickup Request" to begin. Enter the number of containers, size, and mass or volume units for the container. You may either select a material description from the drop-down options or type in your own description. If there are multiple chemicals in the container, enter the chemicals manually and separate each name with a comma.

  • Select the “Add Material” box for additional items and repeat the steps above.

  • When finished, select “Submit Request” to send request to EH&S. The waste materials must be located in the proper SAA, containers closed, and labeled to correspond with the waste removal form. We are usually able to pick up the materials within 1-3 business days, so please have the materials ready for collection.

  • There is no need to print your request submittal or fill out any additional paperwork to leave with the waste materials; EH&S personnel will have the paperwork necessary for the pick up.

  • If you have any questions, please contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359.