SDS - Safety Data Sheets

The Hazard Communication Plan and Laboratory Safety standards require that Iowa State University make Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) accessible to employees at all times. Because computer power loss or breakdown may not always allow SDSs to be obtained online, EH&S recommends that each department maintain paper copies of SDSs to ensure continuous compliance.

SDS Information and Glossary of Terms:

SDS Information and Glossary -This document describes the information that can be found on SDSs and provides a glossary of terms that may be used on SDSs.


  • Avantor Performance Materials: Chemicals sold by J.T. Baker and Macron. Good source for many laboratory chemical SDSs. Select SDS from Products pull down list.
  • Fisher Scientific SDSs: Chemicals sold by Fisher Scientific. Good source for many laboratory chemical SDSs. Follow the directions in Fisher Scientific's How to FInd an SDS.
  • Sigma, Fluka, Aldrich, Supelco and Riedel-deHaen: SDSs for the Sigma-Aldrich companies. Select SDS from the main page.
  • SIRI SDS index: Good source for many laboratory chemical and product SDSs.
  • Infectious Agent SDSs: Health Canada's Laboratory Centre for Disease Control SDSs for infectious agents. Intended for personnel working in the life sciences as quick safety references for infectious microorganisms. This site contains information such as infectious dose, decontamination methods, medical information, special laboratory hazards, recommended precautions and spill procedures.