Right to Know

Employees who work with hazardous chemicals outside a laboratory setting must receive training as required by OSHA. ​

    EH&S offers online Worker Right-to-Know training for staff. However, supervisors are encouraged to provide site-specific Worker Right To Know training that covers the unique chemical hazards that may be encountered by their staff. Contact EH&S for assistance with site-specific training efforts.

    EH&S has also developed a Worker Right-to-Know Manual that details the requirements of the OSHA Right-to-Know standard. The following is a summary of the Worker Right-to-Know requirements:

    • Obtain a copy of the Worker Right-to-Know Manual
    • Assign staff to assure compliance with the standard
    • Prepare an inventory of hazardous chemicals
    • Ensure all hazardous chemical containers are labeled
    • Obtain a safety data sheet for each hazardous chemical
    • Make safety data sheets available to workers
    • Conduct and document training of workers
    • Establish procedures to maintain the program
    • Evaluate program effectiveness annually
    • More about Safety Data Sheets

    Changes to Hazard Communication

    OSHA has adopted changes to the Hazard Communication Standard to be in alignment with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals or GHS. It will change the way we identify hazards, read labels on chemical products, and use Safety Data Sheets (formerly Material Safety Data Sheets). An updated online training course is now available. Below are links to information about the changes. 

    Worker Right to Know