Prescription Eyewear

The State of Iowa has entered into a new contract for Safety Glasses with Hi-Tech Optical.  In order to utilize contract pricing, employees will now go to one of the approved locations in Ames to select frames, get fitted and have their safety eyeglasses ordered. Employees will pay a co-pay when ordering. The procedure for the new program is outlined below. Questions concerning this new process can be directed to your supervisor.


State of Iowa employee instructions for ordering prescription safety eyewear

  1. Have your supervisor sign the Prescription Eyewear Request Form (PDF).
  2. You will need a valid eyewear prescription to order safety prescription eyewear (within 2 years). The doctor of your choice may provide your exam, and eye exams are the responsibility of the employee.
  3. Fill in your personal information on the request form, and take the request form and your current prescription to the provider/dispensing location of your choice.
  4. The optician at the provider location will help you pick out the style of lenses and frames that best suit your personal needs (see safety frame catalog). Sample frames will be available at the provider locations to aid you in selection as well.
  5. There are a series of options that are available for you to choose from. Co-pay prices are listed with each frame group and any amount due must be paid by the employee at the time the order is placed using a credit/debit card. Cash payments will not be accepted, and a money order is the only option for those unable to make a payment using a card.
  6. The optician will fill out the remainder of your order form and send it to Hi-Tech Optical.
  7. Once Hi-Tech has manufactured your glasses, they will be sent back to the provider location. An optician at the provider location will contact you and let you know you can come in to pick-up your glasses.
  8.  When picking up your glasses they will be cleaned again and you will receive a professional fitting for any adjustments that are needed.