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WHO should complete a Hazard Inventory?

All personnel who work with chemical, biological, or physical hazards or animal work must complete a Hazard Inventory. Refer to the Occupational Medicine Guidelines for details on employee participation.

A Hazard Inventory should be completed:

  • If you are new to Iowa State University
  • If there are changes in workplace hazards (addition or elimination of hazards)
  • If your job position or responsibilities change

HOW to complete a Hazard Inventory (instructions with graphics)

  1. Login to the system using your NETID and password
  2. Click on Add a new Hazard Inventory
  3. Complete required demographic fields
  4. Select the hazard(s) that apply from the list OR mark NO WORKPLACE HAZARDS APPLY
  5. Answer Questions for each hazard that you selected
  6. Review your responses with your supervisor and click Submit to EH&S

WHAT hazards should you select?

When completing the Hazard Inventory, select each hazard that you are exposed to as part of your assigned job duties. Below are a few examples that may help you determine whether or not you should select a listed hazard. If you are not sure, talk to your supervisor or contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359.

If, as part of your job duties, you:

  • Clean up human blood following injuries, are a designated first responder or provide medical care, do check "Human Blood & Body Fluids," but not "AIDS agent (HIV)" or "Hepatitis B Virus."
  • Work in a research laboratory that studies HIV, do check "AIDS agent (HIV)."
  • Analyze human blood samples for lipid content, do check "Human Blood & Body Fluids," but not "AIDS agent (HIV)" or "Hepatitis B Virus."
  • Work in a laboratory that has benzene in the solvent cabinet, but you do not use it, do not check "Benzene" as a hazard. If you use "Benzene” do check "Benzene" as a hazard.
  • Apply cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides, do check "Pesticide-Cholinesterase Inhibiting" as a hazard.
  • Work in a building that gets sprayed with cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides for pest control, do not check "Pesticide-Cholinesterase Inhibiting" as a hazard.