The Clean Water Act of 1977 required wastewater treatment facilities with design flows greater than five million gallons per day to implement a non-domestic wastewater pretreatment program. The City of Ames treatment plant meets this criteria. The pretreatment program is a shield that prevents compounds from entering the sanitary sewer that could potentially harm the municipal sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer workers, the treatment facility, or the receiving environment.

Regulations require that Iowa State University monitor and report the quality and quantity of their discharge. The City of Ames is also required to independently sample and analyze each waste discharge to verify compliance with the pretreatment limitations. For frequently asked questions, go to City of Ames - High-Strength Surcharge Program.

Iowa State University is required to prepare and implement a Slug Discharge/Spill Control Plan. A slug discharge/spill is any discharge to the sanitary sewer system of a non-routine, episodic nature, including but not limited to an accidental spill or a non-customary batch discharge, which has a reasonable potential to cause interference, pass-through, otherwise inhibit any wastewater treatment or bio solids disposal process, create a toxic nuisance condition in the Publically Owned Treatment Works or receiving stream, or cause a violation of local, state or federal regulations.

In addition to ensuring regulatory compliance, EH&S completes:

  • Campus inspections

  • Updates to the City of Ames industrial questionnaire

  • Regular meetings with FP&M and the City of Ames

EH&S Non-domestic wastewater program contacts are:


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