Weather Radios

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radios have been distributed throughout campus and outlying entities to ensure building occupants are given warning to prepare for weather related emergencies. 

As an all-hazards network, the system can broadcast a wide range of updates, including Amber Alerts and information regarding terrorist attacks. On campus, the radios act as an indoor warning system for the staff and students in the many interior offices and classrooms who are unable to hear outdoor tornado sirens. The weather radio program is designed to ensure that building occupants are given warning to prepare for weather-related emergencies.

Weather Radio Coordinators

Each building or office that has been assigned a NOAA weather radio has a designated individual to serve as Weather Coordinator. New Weather Coordinators should complete the Contact Information form. The coordinators are trained how to operate the radios and become familiar with the notification procedures in the event of a weather emergency. Weather Coordinators are responsible for developing notification plans for campus buildings and identifying severe weather shelter locations. A list of Weather Coordinators is available on the Building Information page.

If your building or area does not have a NOAA weather radio, please contact EH&S at 515-294-5359 or