How to verify course completion with Workday Learning


Workday Learning does not create certificates when learners complete training courses. However, there are a few ways you can verify a learner has completed a training, which are outlined below.


Learning History Transcript 

Learners and their managers have access to a specific user's learning history in Workday.


Training Reports Tool

If you have multiple employees or graduate students using your space, EH&S can provide you access to our Training Reports tool so that you can maintain training records. In addition, Learn@ISU training records will not be transferring over to Workday Learning. These records will be accessible through the Training Reports tool or for individuals by request. To request access or individual Learn@ISU training records, please send an email to


Learning History is Acceptable Verification

EH&S laboratory inspectors no longer require completion certificates to be shown on inspections, as they have access to the training reports tool mentioned above.

Instructors/managers should accept screenshots of students' /employees' Workday Learning History transcripts as proof of completion. If you need help verifying a learner's history, you can contact for assistance.