Managing Your Canvas Safety Training Profile

Safety Training Profile Overview

Overview (2:55)

Watch this video to learn about using a Safety Training Profile.

One facet of educating students is teaching them the skills to work smart AND work safe.This process starts in academic courses, shops, and labs. As safety becomes part of academic curricula, students become more aware of safety hazards and how to work safely with or around those hazards. 


How do I get access to the Manager Training Needs templates?

Complete and submit the Request Access: Manager Training Needs templates form.  This webform is routed to EH&S. You will be contacted within two business days of submitting the form.


Do you have questions?

You can review Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on the link.  If you need additional assistance, please contact EH&S by email at  We will do our best to provide the information you need. A quick note - for those using the MTN as part of an academic course, grades will begin populating into your Canvas grade book on the second or third day of the semester, based on when you submitted your MTN request. It takes approximately 24-hours after submission of your request to return grades to Canvas from Learn@ISU.


How do I complete a Safety Training Profile?

Watch the tutorials for demonstrations on completing a Safety Training Profile. These tutorials, along with the User Guide, will help you get started.


Creating Your Safety Training Profile

Customizing Your Academic Course Safety Training Profile (4:52)

Watch this tutorial to learn more about adding a Safety Training Profile to your Canvas course.

Completing the Safety Assessment (2:47)

Watch this tutorial to learn more about how to use the tabs needed for completing the safety assessment portion of your Safety Training Profile.

Room Specific Tab (1:29)

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the Room Specific tab.

Providing Access and Equipment Lockout (1:52)

Watch this tutorial to learn how to request access to a room or to equipment that is wired with keycard access.

Finishing Up: Review and Assign (1:44)

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your Safety Training Profile available to your students.



Updating Your Safety Training Profile

Revising your Safety Training Profile (1:55)

Watch this tutorial to learn how and when to revise your Safety Training Profile.

Cloning your Safety Training Profile (2:30)

Watch this tutorial to clone an existing Safety Training Profile from one academic course into another.



Your Students' Experience

The Student Experience (1:35)

This tutorial demonstrates how your students will view the Safety Training Profile developed for them. Web browser requirements are also reviewed.