The Veterinary Medicine incinerator is located at 1676 Vet Med. Trained operators run the incinerator every Tuesday. The incinerator provides for the sanitary disposal of animal carcasses, tissue and bedding that may or may not be contaminated with disease-causing organisms. EH&S also incinerates many non-regulated organics, radiological combustibles, animals, and certain contraband seized by law enforcement agencies.  

The incinerator is located on the southwest side of Veterinary Medicine. Click here to view a map.

Animal Carcasses and Tissue

Animal tissue and carcasses must be properly managed to curb the spread of disease, prevent the introduction of non-approved material to the food chain, and reduce offensive odors and unsightly discharges.

For guidance on proper disposal options for animal carcasses, tissues, and bedding, consult the Sharps and Biohazardous Waste Procedure (PDF) and Flowchart (PDF).

Animals and animal waste are managed by Lab Animal Resources (LAR), EH&S or the Research and Demonstration Farm of origin. A completed "waste for incineration" tag must be attached to any material brought to the incinerator. Contact EH&S at (515) 294-5359 or LAR at (515) 294-8507 for disposal guidelines.

Disposal of Controlled Substances

The incinerator is approved for the destruction of controlled substances. In addition to ISU Researchers, external customers also use the incinerator for evidence disposal.

The collection and destruction of discarded United States Drug Enforcement Administration (USDEA or DEA) controlled substances (CS) at Iowa State University (ISU) is captured in two procedures: