Environmental Health and Safety has developed a series of infomation sheets, or Toolbox Talks, to help facilitate safety discussions. Toolbox Talks cover a wide range of topics from equipment operation to lifting technique. Toolbox Talks help create an environment where people can discuss task specific or timely safety issues, identify problems, post-incident communication, refresh safe work practices, or highlight specific safety concerns/risks.

What is a Toolbox Talk?
A Toolbox Talk is an informal group discussion that focuses on a particular safety issue.

How long and often should these be conducted?
EH&S recommends a 15 minute toolbox talk conducted on a monthly basis, or more frequent, if needed.

Where and when should these discussions take place?
The meeting should be held in a comfortable location at the beginning of a work day, after lunch/break, or incorporated into another meeting.

Do Toolbox Talks satisfy required safety training?

No. Toolbox Talks are a great supplemental training on relevant safety issues but do not replace formal safety training.

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