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Ergonomics is the science that addresses human performance factors (human engineering) and how they relate to the job, the workplace, tools, and the environment. An overview of EH&S' ergonomic program is available in Ergonomics Introduction.

EH&S offers courses in office ergonomics and sprains and strains prevention, as well as ergonomic worksite evaluations. To request a worksite evaluation by EH&S:

  • Inform your supervisor about your concerns and that you would like to schedule an evaluation.
  • Fill out the Ergonomic Questionnaire (PDF) and submit to EH&S.
  • Provide an worktag. Basic ergonomic evaluations are available for a fee. Refer to the Fee for Services (PDF) for pricing.
  • Call EH&S at (515) 294-5359 to schedule an evaluation.

All employees seeking treatment for work-related injuries or illnesses, including ergonomic medical concerns, must first notify their supervisors. Supervisors or employees must complete an incident report through the ISU Incident Portal within 24 hours of a work-related injury or illness.

To arrange ergonomic equipment installations or other workstation modifications, contact Central Stores at (515) 294-8484.


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