Forktruck Safety

Pursuant to the OSHA standard, only qualified and fully trained drivers should be permitted to operate a forktruck or forklift at Iowa State University. Trainees will only be authorized to operate the equipment during training sessions when supervised by a qualified operator. To ensure that all forktruck operators on campus are properly trained, EH&S offers Forktruck Safety Training.

The following guidelines should always be adhered to when operating a forktruck at Iowa State University:

  • Qualified drivers will be responsible for the care and operating condition of their equipment.
  • Forklifts shall be operated at safe speeds, as determined by road, weather and load conditions. Slow speeds must be maintained in buildings or on docks.
  • During operations, if an operator notices any mechanical difficulties, it is his/her responsibility to stop the machine to prevent further damage, tag out the forklift, and report the problem to his/her supervisor.
  • Operators will not permit any passengers to ride on the forks or any other part of their vehicles.