Report All Accidents, Incidents & Injuries




Recommendations below include students who are injured while employed at Iowa State University. Refer to the University Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions document for more information on Workers' Compensation requirements.

Life Threatening Injuries Call 911 to request an ambulance and notify supervisor as soon as possible.

Non-Life Threatening Injuries

Administer immediate first aid using the First Aid Procedures. Report to supervisor, who will arrange medical care with McFarland Clinic, Occupational Medicine, P.C. 1018 Duff Avenue, Ames, IA ; Phone: (515) 239-4496.
After-Hours Treatment or Emergencies Mary Greeley Medical Emergency Department (515) 239-2011 or 911, please notify staff when treatment is due to a workplace injury or illness.
Follow-Up Care McFarland Clinic, Occupational Medicine, P.C. 1018 Duff Avenue, Ames, IA ; Phone: (515) 239-4496.

Outside Ames Area

Refer to the Human Resource Services list of Approved Medical Providers for treatment of work-related injuries.

All accidents and injuries occurring at work or in the course of employment must be reported to the employee's supervisor as soon as possible (even if no medical attention is required). The supervisor and/or the injured employee are responsible for completing an Incident Report via the ISU Incident Portal immediately after ensuring the employee has received proper medical attention.


Incident Report

Supervisor or injured employee Report incident within 24 hours via the ISU Incident Portal. This may occur after seeking any necessary medical attention. Contact Environmental Health and Safety at (515) 294-5359 for guidance and assistance, especially when a serious injury or major loss occurs.

Incidents Resulting in Hospitalization or Fatality

Supervisor After contacting emergency medical personnel (911), immediately call University Human Resources (515) 294-4800 and Environmental Health and Safety (515) 294-5359 .

Timely reporting of incidents is critical to ensure reporting timeframes set by state and federal regulation are adhered to by the university. Upon submission of the incident report, the supervisor will receive an email requesting information relating to the Accident Investigation as part of the process. The supervisor is asked to reply directly to the email with the answers to the questions within 24 hours of receiving the email.

After-hours treatment or emergencies Mary Greeley Medical Emergency Department, (515) 239-2011 or 911.
Normal business hours and Saturday mornings Thielen Student Health Center Sheldon and Union Drive, (515) 294-5801.

All accidents and injuries sustained by Iowa State University students while in academic classes or events sponsored by the university must be reported to Risk Management by the student and a university representative using the ISU Incident Portal.

For further direction, see Accidents and Injuries, Student in the University Policy Library.

Student Employee

A student is treated as an employee if they are injured during the course of employment at Iowa State University. If the injury occurred while engaged in work at ISU see the EMPLOYEES section, above. If the student is employed at ISU but is injured when engaged in a non-work activity such as intramurals, in the classroom etc. see the STUDENT section above.

Guests and Visitors
Life Threatening Injuries Call 911 to request an ambulance. If known, notify visitor’s emergency contact.

Non-Life Threatening Injuries

Administer immediate first aid. If above first aid, seek treatment at an urgent care or emergency facility.
Follow-Up Care Visitor’s primary care physician

All accidents and injuries that are sustained by visitors and guests must be reported through the ISU Incident Portal.


All accidents and injuries sustained by contractors while working on an ISU worksite must be reported to Design and Construction Services. For additional information please call  (515) 294-0563, or refer to FPM Information for Contractors webpage.