Fire Prevention

Prevention of fires in the workplace is the responsibility of all workers, students, and visitors to Iowa State facilities. Departmental supervisors should review with employees the information covered in the Fire Safety Guidelines manual and cover any departmental procedures that may vary.

Fire Prevention Tips for Individuals and Departments

  • Take our Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training annually in Workday Learning or Canvas (students). If you need assistance, please contact
  • Reduce the amount of excess paper, boxes, packaging, and other combustible materials
  • Space heaters are prohibited, contact Facilities Planning & Management (294-5100) if the temperature is uncomfortable, approved radiant heat panels are also available
  • Candles and open flames are prohibited at Iowa State University, with few exceptions
  • Keep corridors, stairs, and stairwells free of obstructions and potential fire fuels. Bulletin boards and display cabinets of non-combustible construction and approved benches are acceptable in corridors
  • Do not place electrical cords across doors, aisles or behind or under furniture where they can become pinched and cause fire
  • Extension cords cannot replace permanent wiring and may only be used for less than three days)
  • Use only power strips approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and limit use to low wattage equipment (i.e., computers, printers, task lights)
  • Storage of any kind is prohibited in exit stair enclosures, including under the bottom stair. If fire starts in a stairway, safe egress is impossible for occupants on upper floors
  • Keep fire and corridor doors closed, unless equipped with magnetic hold-open devices. Wedges are not allowed
  • Ensure that exit lights and emergency lights are functioning properly. Call (515) 294-5100 to request lighting maintenance
  • Make others aware of potential fire hazards and report violations of any guidelines to supervisors