Training Requirements

The table below sumarizes the basic radiation safety training that you must take at Iowa State University in order to work with radiation. Prior to working with radiation, you must also be placed on the PI authorization(Radioactive Materials, Sealed Source, or X-ray).  For additional information about training requirements, see Section E of the Radiation Safety Manual.

Authorization Type

Initial Training Course(s)

Annual Retraining Course

Radioactive Materials (RAM)

Radiation Safety for Material Users - Part 1 (online)

Radiation Safety for Material Users - Part 2 (online)

Radiation Safety for Material Users - Part 3 (online)

Radiation Safety for Material Users - Part 4 (classroom)

Radiation Safety for Material Users Refresher (online)

X-ray and Radiation Producing Device Users (RPDs)

X-ray Safety Fundamentals (online)

X-ray Safety Fundamentals (online)

Nuclear Gauge and Device

Moisture Density Gauge (classroom)

Moisture Density Gauge (classroom)

Sealed Source

Sealed Source Radiation Safety (online)

Sealed Source Radiation Safety (online)

Sealed Source-Embedded (i.e. LSC or GC with ECD) Sealed Source Radiation Safety (online) None

Laboratory Personnel in a Radiation Laboratory

Radioactive Material Awareness Training (online)


Service Personnel  – Custodial and Maintenance staff

Radioactive Material Awareness Training (online)


Annual Radiation Safety Training

Radiation workers and principal investigators (PI) are required to complete annual radiation safety refresher training.  Annual training is scheduled from January through February.  All principal investigators and radiation workers will be notified by email of annual training each January.  All currently approved workers need to complete the training during the scheduled time.  Workers failing to complete the training by the deadline listed in the notice will be removed as authorized radioactive material users and will be required to repeat initial training to regain their approved radioactive material user status.

Non-Radiation Worker Training

The Radioactive Material Awareness Training course provides non-radiation workers in radioactive material labs with an overview of basic radiation safety.  Participants will learn what is required of them when working in laboratories in which radioactive materials are used. Topics include a basic introduction to radiation; recognizing the meaning of radiation symbols and warning signs; and understanding safety rules, security rules and emergency procedures when operating in a lab containing radioactive materials.