Ordering Radioactive Material

If a RAM package is delivered directly to your laboratory, contact EH&S immediately.

To ensure control of radioactive materials (RAM) on Iowa State University's campus, all purchases of radioactive materials must be approved and processed by EH&S. A copy of Iowa State University’s current radioactive materials license should be on file with the vendor or licensee before ordering. A copy of the license can be forwarded to the vendor or licensee by contacting EH&S at 515-294-5359.

Radioactive Material Purchasing Procedures

Non-CyBUY Method

  1. Obtain a radioactive materials log number from EH&S
  2. Obtain a purchase order number from the Procurement Services (515) 294-4860
    • The Procurement Services requires a new log number to issue a PO number
  3. Contact the vendor to place the order:
    • The log number should be included on the attention line of the shipping label
    • Ship the package to Iowa State University, EH&S, 2408 Wanda Daley Drive, 1122 EHSSB, Ames, IA 50011-3602
    • Do not address the radioactive shipment to your laboratory
    • Bill to address: Iowa State University, Procurement Services, Administrative Services Building, 2221 Wanda Daley Drive, Ames, IA 50011-1004
  4. Send confirmation requisition to Procurement Services - make sure to list the PO number obtained on the top of the requisition

Standing log numbers can be issued for routine purchases of the same material, eliminating the need to contact EH&S for a new log number for each new order.  All other shipping directions shall be followed.

CyBUY Method

Radioactive material may be purchased from PerkinElmer using the CyBUY Purchasing System. Follow the CyBUY process to use this purchasing method. A log number from EH&S is required to place an order through CyBuy. Click on this link to see a screen shot showing where the log number should be entered when using CyBUY.  Note: PerkinElmer will ship all packages with log numbers to EH&S, even if the "ship to" address shown on the CyBUY page shows a different address.

For additional information on purchasing RAM visit How do I Buy... Radioactive Isotopes.

Non-Purchased Materials

A log number and established shipping procedures are required for materials obtained at no cost . Examples include, but are not limited to

  • Radioactive materials for evaluation
  • Materials forwarded to a Principal Investigator
  • Free samples of radiactive materials or sources
  • Payment in kind radioactive materials and sources
  • Materials obtained for collaborative research

These items do not require a purchase order number; however, all other steps in the ordering process shall be followed. Contact EH&S for shipment requirements.

Receipt and Delivery

Upon receipt of a radionuclide shipment, EH&S staff will verify the package contents, check contamination and exposure levels, and enter the material into the ISU radioactive material inventory system.

EH&S staff will deliver the shipment to the laboratory. An approved radioactive material user must sign for the RAM package. If no approved user is available, EH&S will retain the package and arrange for delivery. 

Packages are processed by EH&S as they arrive. Late freight has many causes, please contact the vendor for shipment details if a package is delayed.

Transfer of Material between Iowa State University Laboratories

EH&S will approve transfers of radioactive material between campus laboratories if the receiving lab is approved for the specific material and has not exceeded authorized inventory limits. Contact EH&S prior to transferring materials.

Senstitive Equipment

Sensitive (restricted) equipment with embedded radiactive materials or sources require authorization prior to purchase. Obtain authorization for

  • gas chromatographs
  • liquid scintillation counters
  • moisture gauges
  • density gauges
  • micro balances
  • self luminescent signs
  • lead (Pb) analysers 

Contact EH&S for a log number and shipping instructions early in the purchasing process.