Compressed Gas

Compressed and liquefied gases are routinely used in laboratory and various other operations at Iowa State. The Iowa State University Gas Cylinder Safety Guidelines apply to all Iowa State University employees who use or otherwise handle compressed or liquefied gases, or systems that use compressed or liquefied gases. The guidelines provide information on the safe use of compressed and liquefied gases and informs employees on potential health and physical hazards associated with gas and cylinder usage.

Iowa State promotes the safe use of gases by offering training and information on the proper storage, handling, usage, and disposal of gases and gas cylinders. Only trained and qualified personnel shall be allowed to use compressed and liquefied gases.

Training should include the associated hazards of the materials, necessary safety precautions, personal protective equipment, and emergency response procedures. Appropriate material safety data sheets, associated "Safetygrams™", or other gas supplier product information shall be made accessible to compressed gas users. Additional information is available via compressed gas cylinder training. Contact EH&S, (515) 294-5359 or Ames Laboratory ESH&A, (515) 294-2153 for information on the next scheduled class.


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Compressed Gas Cylinder Manual