Laboratory Equipment Disposal Program

Any laboratory equipment regardless of working or non-working status must be free of contamination and inspected by EH&S prior to disposal. Equipment and appliances from the laboratory may be contaminated with hazardous materials. The purpose of this program is to ensure that items removed from the laboratory do not pose a risk to those who handle the items (Surplus and FP&M personnel) and to the general public. This is achieved through a partnership between laboratory personnel, EH&S, and ISU Surplus. Laboratory personnel are responsible for cleaning laboratory items, EH&S is responsible for visually inspecting and confirming that the unit is safe for release, and Surplus is responsible for retrieving the item(s). Below are examples of equipment that can and cannot be submitted. In case you are unsure whether your equipment is eligible for the program, please contact EH&S.


  • All items must be disconnected from the building electrical/water lines. Contact FP&M (525-294-4100) to disconnect gas/air/water lines.
  • All fluids not initially received with the equipment must be emptied from the equipment prior to disposal. This includes oil from pumps and reagent bottles connected to equipment. Submit a waste pickup for all unwanted waste/chemicals.
  • All equipment, regardless of operable or non-operable condition, must, at minimum, be cleaned with detergent/soapy water to remove debris and/or contaminants.
    • If the equipment has been used with or contained any material listed in section B, perform the appropriate cleaning procedure to remove the hazard.
  • Remove all materials from the equipment.
    • For example, remove tubes from a centrifuge or items from a refrigerator/freezer.
  • All equipment must be easily identifiable and visible.
    • This can be accomplished by numbering or labeling the equipment and placing the items somewhere easily visible.

Completing a Laboratory Equipment Form

After Submission

EH&S will go to the location listed on the LEDF to inspect and tag each item. Once approved, the paperwork will be sent to ISU Surplus.

  • Keep all items, especially electronics, secure until Surplus can schedule a pickup.
  • Notify EH&S and Surplus if you plan to reuse or move any of the submitted equipment. 

Examples of items that can be submitted to the LED Program


Examples of items that DO NOT need to go through the LED Program

 Examples include: computers, carts, small and large filing cabinets, extension cords, chairs, shelving materials, and tables.       

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I submit one form for multiple items of the same type of equipment?
    • Only if there are no ISU ID number’s associated with the unit. If there are ISU ID number’s, please submit an individual form for each piece of equipment.
  • When can I expect my equipment to be inspected and picked up?
    • Once a LEDF has been submitted to EH&S, they will come out and inspect the unit within 5 business days. EH&S will notify ISU Surplus for pickup once the unit has been approved. Contact ISU Surplus for the estimated pickup date.
  • Who can be the contact person?
    • The PI, administration staff at your office, a lab personnel, or the individual who cleaned the unit; they must have access to the equipment and knowledge/ability to answer questions about the unit.