Student Emergency and Safety Information

Student safety is a top priority at Iowa State University. The following will provide you with important emergency and safety information while you are at Iowa State University.

ISU Alert

  • Students are automatically signed up for ISU Alert when they enter ISU. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date and accurate. 

  • ISU Alert will notify the ISU community of potentially dangerous situations via text messages, phone calls, and e-mails. The system could be activated during severe weather, hazardous materials incidents, bomb threats or other immediate dangers.



ISU Police

Building Information


Student Affairs

  • When a crisis or other significant event occurs in your life, Student Assistance and Outreach staff in the Dean of Students Office are available to help if you have a concern, unanswered question, or unexpected obstacle.

  • If you must be absent from classes due to an emergency, contact the Dean of Students Office by phone at 515-294-1020 or by e-mail at to send an Emergency Notification to your instructors.

  • If you participate in a Study Abroad Center program, visit their emergency information page.


Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency


For non-emergencies

ISU Police: 515-294-4428

Student Counseling Service


Student Counseling Service (After Hours)


Emergency Response Guide Poster


Emergency Response Guide Video