Walk Safe this Winter

Walk safe this winter -- That is the Department of Environmental Health and Safety's (EH&S) challenge to the university community as the season's snow and ice bring hazardous walking conditions to campus. Employee falls on snow or ice account for more than half of the university's workplace injuries during the winter months. Typical injuries include bruised and strained knees, strained backs, broken bones, and head injuries.

To help address this risk, EH&S recommends that you:

  1. Be prepared to walk on snow and ice. 
  2. Pack your car for winter travel
  3. Know FP&M snow removal procedures for roadways, sidewalks, and parking lots.
  4. Report problem sidewalks, parking lots, or building entrances/exits.
    • Call FP&M Service Desk  - (515) 294-5100

  5. Looking for a sand bucket on campus to assist with traction?

  6. Report injuries to your supervisor, seek medical attention (if needed), and fill out a first report of injury.


Safe Winter Walking Poster - walk safe this winter


Safe Winter Walking Poster - be safe when exiting your car


  Safe Winter Walking Poster - be careful when walking down steps

Safe Winter Walking Video - click on image to play.

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