Chemical Inventory

(Iowa State University NetID Login)

EH&S hosts a campus-wide chemical inventory database to meet the requirements of the Iowa State University Right to Know and Laboratory Safety programs.  Faculty and staff are responsible for keeping their chemical inventory records up to date.  Each work space is required to have an annual chemical inventory.

Using the Chemical Inventory Web Interface                                     

  • If you have reviewed your chemical inventory and there are no changes, select the Update button.
  • You may enter individual chemical information line by line.
  • You may upload a CSV (Comma delimited) file format.
    • Format your information as shown in the table below.
    • The following units are accepted: fl oz, oz, gal, lb, kg, g, mg, L, mL, uL, pt, qt and ft.
    • Quantity should be the total volume of a chemical, not the number of containers.
    • *The Item ID column must be blank before the file is uploaded. The database will autofill the information.
    • The items in italicized text are required.
*Item ID Chemical Name Manufacturer Concentration Quantity Unit CAS # Storage Location
  Acetone Sigma 100% 8 L 67-64-1 Flammables Cabinet


CSV Template









If you would like to add users to assist with inventory entries or if you need further assistance using the website, please contact EH&S at: (515) 294-5359 or