Modify a RAM Authorization

Principal Investigators who currently hold an active Radiation Use Authorization (Radioactive Materials, Radiation-Producing Device such as X‐ray, Sealed Source, Nuclear Gauges, Generally Licensed Materials or Lasers) can modify or amend their approvals by contacting EH&S with the following information.  E‐mail requests to the Radiation Safety Officer are generally sufficient to accomplish a change.

Authorized Radionuclides and Amounts or Approved Use

Contact EH&S in writing  to request a change to your approved isotopes, activities or approved use of isotopes.  New protocols can be added to your authorization by including a copy with your request. Please include safety information such as monitoring and waste processes with the protocol. Likewise, if you discontinue a protocol, contact EH&S to request removal.

Authorized Locations for Use and Storage

Contact EH&S in writing to add or remove a use or storage location.

Authorized Personnel

Contact EH&S in writing to add or remove a radiation worker from your authorization.  Newly trained workers should be added by following the RAM Worker Approval Process for the specific material or device.

Alternate PI and Lab Supervisor

Contact EH&S in writing to change your alternate PI or Lab Supervisor.  An Alternate PI should possess a similar radiation use authorization.

Conditions or Restrictions

Requests to change any listed Conditions or Restrictions should be directed to the Radiation Safety Officer.  Changes may require a review by the Radiation Safety Committee.