COVID-19 response - EH&S operating guidelines

Updated Wednesday, October 15, 2020

In response to COVID-19 physical distancing recommendations, EH&S is operating under the following guidelines.

EHSSB Buidling Hours



If you plan to visit EHSSB, click on the link below for guidelines prior to visiting our building.


Essential Services

EH&S services have returned, however due to COVID-19 and staffing restraints there may be delays in some services. If you have an urgent need, please call (515) 294-5359.

EH&S Classroom Training

EH&S classroom training has resumed following physical distancing and cleaning guidelines for training spaces. Please check the schedule in Learn@ISU as times, dates, and locations may have changed. Due to the ongoing operation of the ISU Emergency Operations Center, all remaining classroom training for 2020 has been moved to various locations on campus, please review Learn@ISU and the email reminders you receive for the location of the training course. Online training is available through Learn@ISU. Click on the link below to access Learn@ISU.

Training classes for 2021 - at this time, we are unable to allow registrations for our 2021 classes. We are currently in the process of securing space for these classes that meet physical distancing requirements. Once we have secured space for our classes, we will open up registration through Learn@ISU. Please note, dates and times are subject to change in our 2021 schedule. 


EH&S Staff

All EH&S staff are available and can be reached via email or telephone. Click on the link below for our staff directory.

EH&S Staff Directory

Guidance for Laboratories 

EH&S has created several documents to assist laboratories as they re-open for research.

Guidelines to Avoid Working Alone in the Laboratory

Laboratory Ramp-up Checklist

Safe Distancing Guidelines for Laboratories

Safe Distancing Guidelines for Laboratories (poster)

University Information on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Iowa State University COVID-19 information

What You Need to Know - Face Masks, Masks, and COVID-19

Tips for Cloth Face Coverings | Cloth Face Covering Video

Safe Distancing Guidelines for Office (poster)

Physical Distancing Guidelines for Campus Supervisors (PDF)

Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures for All Employees--Personal and Shared Use Areas (PDF)

Keep Community. Stay Informed. Be Well. 

Find wellness resources for faculty, students, and staff here.

Student Wellness