Campus Fire Safety Day - September 15

Campus fire safety day is back!

September is Campus Fire Safety Month.  During the month, the goal is to raise awareness of fire and life safety on college campuses.  Students often do not realize how quickly a fire can occur and the amount of damage fire can cause, along with potential loss of life.

As part of Campus Fire Safety Month, Environmental Health and Safety will host a fire safety event on Wednesday, Sept. 15 from 9:00am-12:00pm., just south of Parks Library. Put out a simulated fire, learn fire safety tips, and receive a free T-shirt (while supplies last). 

For more information on campus fire safety at Iowa State University, click here.


EH&S is an employing unit which reports to the Senior Vice President for Division of Operations and Finance at Iowa State University (ISU). EH&S aids the campus community in preventing illness and injury, protects the environment and connects the university to the message of safety and preparedness. EH&S delivers effective education, fosters beneficial partnerships, maintains technical expertise and provides exemplary service.