Scott Wendt

Assistant Director, RSO
Radiation Safety
Staff member since:
(515) 294-3314

Primary Responsibilities and History

Scott Wendt has been the Radiation Safety Officer at Iowa State University (ISU) and the technical reviewer for Iowa’s REP Program for six years. He studied Nuclear Engineering at ISU and began his career at the Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Wisconsin. With his BS in Nuclear Engineering (NucE) he transitioned to the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory (near Pittsburgh) where he performed shielding analyses in support of naval refueling operations.  Scott’s MS degree in NucE from ISU was earned for writing an artificial neural network (ANN) to predict PWR core reload patterns. As the reactor manager and senior site operator for ISU’s NRC-licensed research reactor, Scott directed the final years of its operation, from defueling through to the site's final decommissioning. A significant challenge during this period was the disassembly of the HEU plate-style fuel elements for shipment to the DOE. After transitioning to the CNDE engineering research center at ISU, Scott spent 15 years performing high-precision x-ray experiments necessary for the development and validation of computer model simulations in x-ray imaging. These computer simulations accurately modeled the physics for the full x-ray system from electron acceleration, to Bremsstrahlung x-ray generation, including x-ray interactions in complex CAD parts, with Compton scattering, and the final deposition of the x-ray energy in various imaging detectors.


Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering – Iowa State University
Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering – Iowa State University

Professional Designations/Certifications

40-Hour OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations
8-Hour Refresher Course for Hazardous Waste Operations 

University, Community and Professional Activities

State of Iowa Radiological Emergency Response Field Team Member